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Here you can download some ringtones (or alarm sounds) for your phone, which I composed. They are all in MP3 format. Click on the ringtone title to listen/download. Depending on your browser software and settings, the download may start at once, or an audio player may appear. In case of the latter, check for a "download" option inside the audio player. You can also right-click on the title (in the following list) and select the option to download.
Please then follow your phone's default procedure to install the new ringtone/alarm.

Beast (Metal, 2008)

Bells (New Age, 2010)

Breath (New Age / Ambient, 2009)

Cyclone (Electronic / FX, 2008)

February (New Age, 2010)

Juno (Ambient, 2008)

Lydian (Electronic, 2009)

Spaces (Ambient / Trance, 2008)

Stars (New Age, 1999)

The commercial use and distribution of the ringtones are forbidden, if not expressly allowed by the author.
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