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Click here to download my early tracker music in its original MOD format.
I released my works under the alias of Stun during that period (90s).
(For playback special programs are required.)

Or click here to stream some of this music in your browser.
(No special programs required for playback.)
Here follows some info about my origins in making music...

I liked a lot listening to music, and using computers, since I was a small child. I took a year of piano lessons, when about 10 years old, but for some reasons I stopped. Later, when 15 years old (1991), I began experimenting with an assisted composition program (as I call it), with which I was able to "paint" notes with a mouse, with the computer facilitating the process in some ways that I now don't remember. Then I discovered that other programs (called "trackers"), while being more difficult to use for me, who had little experience in composition, produced more interesting results, starting from the "quality" of sound. I was using Commodore Amiga computers at that time.

Those days internet was not yet widespread, but I soon discovered the world of BBSs (Bulletin Board Systems), which were computers connected to the phone line, usually set up by amateurs, which usually only a few users could call at once (each visiting user needed a separate phone line at the maintainer's side). I uploaded my works there.

At that time I was known by the alias of Stun, and was moderately active in the so-called demoscene. I joined some groups (chronologically Mystic, Biosynthetic Design and Nah-Kolor) and worked together with designers, programmers and graphic artists to create so-called demos and intros, in other words kind of real-time processed multimedia creations, which aren't simple videos/animations to display on computers, but programs which calculate the effects while watching and listening. You can find a lot of video recordings of demos and intros on YouTube. You can also find some productions of this kind, to which I have participated, on my YouTube channel.

Visit the Aminet website above to download my original tracker music modules. You will need a compatible audio player software (which supports MOD files). Alternatively you can stream some of this tracks from my SoundCloud playlist above (no special software required).
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