Composer, programmer, guitarist, lyrics translation and adaptation

Thomas was born in Milano (Italy), on 2 April 1976. He begins his activity as a composer in year 1991, using solely Commodore Amiga computers (he loved using computers since infancy). He takes part as musician in several multimedia projects -- called demos and intros -- with groups (of artists and programmers) which he joins over time (Mystic, Biosynthetic Design and Nah-Kolor -- chronologically). In the course of the years he takes practical lessons for piano, electronic keyboard, electric guitar, flute, and theoretical for harmony and composition. In the use of musical instruments Thomas is oriented more towards improvisation, instead of studying other's compositions. In the musical creation he likes to move around different genres, from the tranquil ones like new age and ambient, to the heavier ones like trance and metal.
Since end of 1999 he begins to publish his works on the internet, which get downloaded over 1 million times until June 2007.

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